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NaNo kicked my ass, and other stuff…

I realize that this post is somewhat long in coming, and not very timely, but I just haven't felt like I had anything worth saying.  Not that NaNo isn't a worthwhile topic, but the fact that I got my ass handed to me again was something of a foregone conclusion, at least in my own mind, and so not really →

And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

It didn't feel right putting up a post without talking about writing, so here's a post about writing. When it comes to the mystery novel I was working on, it turns out that the third time is not the charm.  It usually is for me, but apparently not this time.  I think I've figured out what I need to do to →

“So a vampire and a werewolf walk into a bar…”

I was over on duotrope the other day, and I found a listing for an anthology called Dark Jesters: An Anthology of Humorous Horror.  They want real horror fiction - not stories making fun of the genre - but with a humorous angle, maximum length 2,000 words.  I'd love to try to write a story and submit it.  The low →

Third time’s the charm?

So I've had this idea in my head off and on for about two years now.  The first time I tried to write it, the idea was too contrived and extremely heavy on back story, and I spent too much of my time trying to shoehorn everything into the shape I wanted it.  Obviously that isn't the way to write →

Does anyone care about motive anymore?

I'm trying to put together a plot outline for a mystery, and I've run into a bit of a problem. I have the main cast of characters, including the killer, and the basic plot, but when it comes time to give the killer a motive, I grind to a screeching halt. Not because I can't come up with →

Good characters behaving badly?

A lot of people have their shorts in a bunch over the final book of "that big vampire saga", which was released a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine was kind (read: evil) enough to provide me with a whole pile of links, most of which were comment threads filled with disappointed readers airing their grievances. I won't →

Starting off on the right foot…

Obviously I'm new at the being published thing, and relatively new at the blogging thing, too, but I've learned a lot over the years from reading people's writing and publishing blogs - and obviously from reading and writing fiction as well - and I'm hoping that maybe I can give just a little bit back. With that in mind, →