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NaNo kicked my ass, and other stuff…

I realize that this post is somewhat long in coming, and not very timely, but I just haven’t felt like I had anything worth saying.  Not that NaNo isn’t a worthwhile topic, but the fact that I got my ass handed to me again was something of a foregone conclusion, at least in my own mind, and so not really worth mentioning all on its own.

I hate bringing this up, because talking about a story I’m working on seems to be the surest way to sabotage it, but I’m working on something brand new.  I don’t want to say too much about it – there’s a reason the title is Jinx, after all – but I will say that I just hit the 10,000 word mark, which is pretty cool.  For me, anyway.

And here are a couple of articles from Brian Keene’s website: How to Avoid Bad Markets and Bad!HWA is Bad (That’s not the real title, just so you know).  The second article won’t be of much interest to people who don’t write horror, but the first one has a lot of good advice for aspiring writers of any genre, and is definitely worth the read.  Oh, and I found these linked on Ian’s blog, so thanks, Ian, for digging up all the good stuff.